About us

ADMINUSLABS is an Indian based and privately funded company dedicated to providing highly specialized information security services to their partners and clients. Founded in 2009, we are a young and dynamic company whose constitution are computer security experts, from diverse backgrounds and geographies, with distinguished credentials and experience. 

ADMINUSLabs is comprised of three different distinct intelligence teams that collectively yield deep human research and analysis around emerging mobile malware threat, malware codes, and malicious URL threats.




Rapid Incident Response Team:
Provides 24/7/365 incident-response services.
Malicious Code Intelligence Lab:
Provides information of threats from malicious code in the wild to IT security vendors, cyber-emergency response teams, global enterprises and various other government agencies with support response, mitigation, and risk management strategies.
Mobile Malware Research Lab:
Provides notification of mobile malware threats with malicious code and binaries with reverse-engineering research and analysis of malicious codes.

Things to Know About  ADMINUSLABS

The leader in malware and malicious websites tracking.
Fastest tracking of malware binaries, malicious URLs and phishing attacks in the world.

Globally trusted by large institutions and security solution providers. ADMINUSLABS partners include many of the world's leading anti-virus companies, UTM & gateway appliance vendors, content and URL filtering vendors, domain registration and web-hosting providers, various CERT's as well as ISPs and universities.

Always awake and working.
At ADMINUSLABS, we do real-time threat monitoring with our globally distributed honeypots, high & low interaction crawlers, botnet monitoring sensors, 24/7/365 and maintain database of currently active threats. Every minute, every day.

Force for good.
This isn't just a business or passion for us, it's in our DNA. Tracking and thwarting digital evil doers is what ADMINUSLABS is all about.

Flexible in business relationships.
Our small size makes us nimble enough to form meaningful relationships with our clients and partners. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all approach, so we are happy to work with you by having custom tailored services to your business and partnership needs.