Intelligence Services


ADMINUSLABS® Threat Intelligence Services gives security vendors, law enforcement agencies and other information security executives 24/7/365 access to accurate insightful and actionable cyber intelligence related to vulnerabilities, malicious code, and global threats.

Our proprietary intelligence analysis platform, specifically designed for the capture and analysis of complex malicious threat and other cyber data. The platform is built from the scratch in accordance with the best-of-breed techniques underpinning some of the world's most sophisticated intelligence systems.

ADMINUSLABS deep analysis, insight, and response recommendations help keep internet users, security vendors and government/law enforcement organizations ahead of new and evolving complex threats and vulnerabilities.

We Offer Cyber-Intel Information to:

  • Anti-Virus Companies
  • Anti-Virus Testing Labs
  • Mobile Security Solution Providers
  • Global Enterprises & Govt. Entities
  • Domain & Web-Hosting Companies
  • Cyber Emergency Response Teams
  • UTM & Gateway Appliance Vendors
  • Other IT Security Solution Providers



With ADMINUSLabs CTIS you receive:

 Daily updates of malware & suspicious binaries.
 Daily updates of mobiles malware binaries.
Phishing URL/IP Feeds.
 Malicious File Hash Feeds.
 Advanced Botnet URL/IP Feeds.
 Malicious & suspicious URLs on realtime basis.

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