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Since inception, ADMINUSLabs has been actively combating malware to bring the world the cyber-security intelligence solutions it needs to fight tomorrow’s threats.

We Believe...

The online world is infested with malicious actors, operating with impunity inside nearly every organization around the globe. We empower and equip security operators and decision makers to detect, analyze and destroy this modern persistent and emerging threat – returning safety and stability to the online world.

“More than 1,000 users who work for various government and non-government agencies and Fortune 500 companies are tracking more than quarter a million incidents in ADMINUSLabs today.”


Working with some of the leading security vendors, ISP's and UTM gateway appliance vendors.
India's only independent cyber-threat Intelligence company — focused on threat intelligence     and malware intelligence feed
Global teams gathering and analyzing Internet threats of all kinds.
Cloud-based tools monitoring millions of cyber-threats across the globe in near real time.
Partnerships with global law enforcement agencies such as CSIRTs and CERTs.

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