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Tracing and neutralising global phishing threats

Accurate, actionable, near real-time intelligence against phishing attacks

Phishing is one of the most dangerous and effective online fraud methods in existence today. It uses fake websites to swipe user logins and passwords to hijack their online accounts and then steal money or spread spam and malware through compromised email accounts and social networking platforms. It is a very powerful tool used by online attackers, and the number of phishing incidents grows each year.


  • Thousands of phishing sites appear every day.

  • Emails with phishing links are sent to millions of people worldwide.

  • The most dangerous phishing sites are short-lived, living minutes or hours, not days.

  • Phishers/Scammers uses social engineering to deceive users and exploit poor usability of current web technologies.

  • Static phishing lists are too slow to keep up with the pace of today’s attacks.

  • The exponential growth of mobile users leads phishers to focus their attacks to mobile platforms as well.

How it works


Partner Benefits

  • Offer highly accurate, actionable, near real-time phishing intelligence data feed.

  • Sites are scanned in real time to provide data feed with minimal user interruption and time.

  • Investigating other parallel phishing attacks originating from the same source. 

  • Easy to integrate, easy to use data feed.


 Phishing Intelligence

Data feed

The internet is littered with phishing sites, the most dangerous of which are short-lived, with lifespans of minutes or hours, not days. ADMINUSLabs near real-time Phishing intelligence data feed provides security vendors with the ability to leverage time-of-need site scans to prevent users from visiting sites that may want to steal sensitive credentials.


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