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Tracing and neutralising Malicious URLs threats

Accurate, actionable, near real-time data feed of compromised websites & web-borne threats

Cyber-crime today knows no borders, and technical capabilities are improving fast. Every day cyber criminals launch thousands of malevolent websites and compromise thousands of legitimate ones, to spread their malware. These malicious URLs distribute help cyber criminals, hacktivists and even state-sponsored threat actors steal credentials, infect systems, hijack online identities and exfiltrate company secrets,  data and other critical intellectual property. The ADMINUSLabs Malicious URL Data Feed is a continuous data feed of these malicious pages and malware hosting locations discovered live and active, minute by minute, on the Internet.

Malicious URLs Intelligence

How it works

ADMINUSLabs Crawlers

Powerful Heuristics


 ADMINUSLabs  Global Sensors

Real-time   Malicious URLs DB

Real-time URLs Database 

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Malicious URLs Tracking Filters



Spam Traps

Various Sources

Empower customers with better data feed

ADMINUSLabs Malicious URLs data intelligence feed delivers a data feed to you based on analysis of massive amount of raw URL threat data, which pass through an array of automated analysis tools, to specifically identify new URLs that are being used to host malware. These harmful sites are flagged as malicious in real time, and monitored on an ongoing basis - an additional observation can extend over days or weeks, with any change in status instantly updated.

Stay in sync with escalating global malicious activity


The number of active malicious URLs globally continues to escalate, with 100% growth from 2014 to 2022, resulting in ADMINUSLabs systems currently monitoring well over a quarter a billion such active URLs at any given time. This is consistent with a run-up in global malware distribution, with the number of unique samples detected by ADMINUSLabs monitoring systems on course to grow 40 percent to over 100 million in 2014.

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In 2022, 45% of malicious URLs were found on benign websites 

What it offers

  • Immediate Malicious URLs threat notification - ADMINUSLabs malicious URLs data feed offers near real-time updated feed of confirmed malicious URLs, masks and hacked websites, providing our partners with deep coverage, high accuracy and reliable detection of increasingly sophisticated web-borne attacks, and ensuring instant reaction to compromised domains and infected URLs.

  • Powerful data sources and analytics - ADMINUSLabs database is one of the largest of its kind in the world; every day, ADMINUSLabs analyzes more than 10 billion internet transactions, from more than 5,000 points of presence across the globe, enabling immediate and accurate identification of emerging web-borne threats.

  • High accuracy threat intelligence - ADMINUSLabs URLs data feed helps you to blocks known bad web-pages and phishing attacks with 99.99% accuracy and shortens your response time allowing security teams to work in real-time, minimizing the attack surface. 


Strengthen Your

Cyber Defense with Our

Malicious URLs Intelligence Feed


Find out how ADMINUSLabs can help you you succeed in the connected world.

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