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Monitor Malicious IPs with Continuous Data Intelligence

Actionable Information - Superior Detection 

Transforms static IP data and malicious patterns to uncover and identify potential fraud and security threats.

Organizations today are exposed to a variety of potentially malicious attacks from rapidly changing IP addresses. Inbound and outbound botnet traffic such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and malware activity can penetrate security layers and consume valuable processing power.

We analyze billions of daily global queries and list of IPs from a variety of industries including financial services, streaming media, content distribution networks, advertising, insurance, gaming, government and healthcare. So, when a decision is made to identify an IP address as fraud risk or a security threat, you can be confident that you're using the most insightful IP Reputation Intelligence data available.

How it works

ADMINUSLabs sensor networks

  • Spam Traps

  • Web-Crawlers

  • Exploit honeypots

  • Web-App honeypots

  • BOT monitoring sensors

Hacktivism Intelligence

Social Network driven threats

Global Threat Database

Global Threat Intelligence Database


(Open source & Human Intelligence)

info gathering





Sandbox Analysis

Heuristic Detection

Botnet and identification

Classification & Scoring

Attacking IPs

Infected BOT IPs


  • Phishing URLs

  • Malicious URLs

  • BOT Intelligence

  • Exploit KIts

Malware Hashes

Hacktivism & DDoS

Data Feed Information Delivery

Simple Score, Simple Decisions

With risk insight from IP Reputation data feed, you can determine if the IP is being used by an actual user, bot, or is it a Dark Net or a legitimate server traffic. ADMINUSLabs IP Reputation feed uses a simple 0-100 score system to rank activities from low to high risk.


Whether you’re a Bank, merchant, digital service provider, ISP, authorization service or a security solution provider, identify high-risk transactions early and make the call: allow a transaction to continue, ask for further verification or deny the request. You’re in total control.

How Risky?

Score between 1 and 100

  • Insight about the risk of an IP being associated with nefarious activity.

  • Understand threat and risk insights.

Data Collected
  • Data collected from across the globe.

  • Monitoring +3 Billion IP addresses.

  • Monitoring +25 Billion URLs & +100 million domains.

Output Score
  • The higher the number, the more likely the IP has been associated with risky activity.






Moderate Risk.png

Moderate Risk




Low Risk



These are high risk IP addresses. There is a high predictive risk that these IPs will deliver attacks – such as malicious payloads, DoS attacks, Spam or others – to your infrastructure and endpoints.

These are suspicious IPs. There is a higher than average predictive risk that these IPs will deliver attacks to your infrastructure and endpoints.

These are generally benign IPs but have exhibited some potential risk characteristics. There is some predictive risk that these IPs will deliver attacks to your infrastructure and endpoints.

These are low risk IPs and rarely exhibit characteristics that expose your infrastructure and endpoints to security risks. There is a low predictive risk of attack.

These are clean IPs that have not been tied to any security risk. There is very low predictive risk that your infrastructure and endpoints will be exposed to attack.

High Risk.png



Strengthen Your

Cyber Defense with Our

IP Reputation Intelligence Feed


Find out how ADMINUSLabs can help you you succeed in the connected world.

IP Reputation Intelligence
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