ADMINUSLabs provide Cyber Threat Intelligence services (CTIS) to equip decision makers with accurate and actionable cyber intelligence related to malicious code, exploits, vulnerabilities and global threats. 

ADMINUSLabs malware monitoring sensors are deployed across the world, operating at the forefront of modern and emerging threats.


Global Security Centre

Acting as the Global Security Operation Center for various government funded Cyber emergency response teams, ADMINUSLabs represents as an independent security team supporting information sharing and analysis across critical infrastructure sectors.

Incident Response
ADMINUSLabs Rapid Response Team works as an extension of your incident response program to support timely and accurate threat mitigation and response.

Our experience
We know the challenges IT industry faces today. Our team have been in your shoes. Our experience enables us to deliver greater insight into security incidents which keeps you informed about the latest global trends in file, web, and email based threats.

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Cyber Intelligence Services

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